Reluctant to use play dough for sensory play?

We are all well aware of the benefits of engaging our children with sensory play experience.

However, a typical play dough can be sticky and tacky. It makes the after-play a hassle and chore to clean up. Also, most play dough smells. These could make the whole experience rather unpleasant for both the child and adult.

Koodoughs improves and encourages the sensory play experience by having great texture, and clean after feel on hands and playing areas.

Less mess, more play!

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  • Confidence In Carrying Out Sensory Play

    No more unnecessary mess to stop you from allowing playing dough for sensory play.

  • Bring forth a World of Pretend Play

    Playing dough dries with air into a permanent finish. Creations can be kept like little toys to be played again and again. Great for imagination-driven pretend play which builds your young child's developmental skills.

  • Instilling Growth Mindset

    Through creating, your child will learn to recognise the importance of effort and perseverance.

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  • 1. Get

    Get your Koodoughs playing dough set and value adding thematic add on kits.

  • 2. Receive

    Beautifully packed Koodoughs Set ready for you.

  • 3. Create

    Stress free and absolute fun in creating with our no-mess playing dough. Precious bonding time with your little one.

I'm Joanna - Owner of KOODOUGHS

I totally get it.

So many sites and people raving about the sensory benefits of children playing with playdough. There are commercial ones and so many versions and recipes of the homemade ones. Not wanting to be guilt tripped and fearing that my kids were going to lose out if they hadn't played with play dough, I jumped on the wagon of supplying my kids with playdough as well.

**What I didn't expect was the SMELL, MESS and STICKYNESS it can get. I secretly detest playdough.**

I was a former MOE primary school teacher in Singapore and now a full time mom to 4 very young boys with endless supply of energy. With Koodoughs, my kids are able to experience MORE than just the benefits of playdough.

Taking care of 4 children + them playing Koodoughs playing dough, NO PROBLEM! This is how confident I am with Koodoughs.

With my passion in teaching and learning, I am value adding to Koodoughs with thematic challenges, add on kits, complimentary printables and even easy step by step video tutorial.

Try and you will know how amazing Koodoughs playing dough is. You will NEVER TURN BACK to typical playdough again.

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At Koodoughs, we know that parents like you want your child to be ready for the demanding world. In order to be that way, you research for many experiences to expose your child. One of which would definitely be the highly raved sensory play. But OH.MY.GOD, we know how messy sensory play can be. As much as we are keen on offering the sensory play items, our inner voice reminds us of the mess and extreme effort to clean up after play.

I am a strong believer of sensory play and it would be so awesome if there is any way to lessen the mess yet reap the benefits of sensory play. That's why I am beyond ecstatic to share KOODOUGHS with you. Playing dough is one of the sensory play which yields great experience to fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, hand-eye coordination and so much more. Think of KOODOUGHS as an improved version of playing dough. You sculpt with it the same way, but it is NOT sticky, yucky, tacky nor smelly. You can get started with KOODOUGHS in just 3 simple steps.

GET it from our website, RECEIVE it and CREATE with it.

Order now so you can stop worrying about the mess and start sensory play with your child confidently!

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Texture of KOODOUGHS

Friends of KOODOUGHS having Fun

More artistic work from Friends of Koodoughs over at our Instagram!

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