What is Koodoughs Clay?

WAIT... CLAY? What clay? The white and heavy kind of clay? NOOOOOOOOO...
Surely is those sticky and difficult to clean up kind? NOOOOOOO...
Koodoughs Clay sculpts like play dough, but BETTER!
Koodoughs Clay provides a better alternative than the much dreaded and sticky play dough which can be messy and a chore when cleaning up.
Koodoughs air dry clay gives a clean after feel on hands and is not sticky. Moreover, it dries with air to a permanent finish so children can keep their creations and play them like little toys (pretend play) after they are dried.
Koodoughs launches fun theme boxes with missions and tasks periodically to encourage kids to have fun, be imaginative and creative. It provides such a great bonding platform for families.
Koodoughs even uploads easy step by step tutorials/ lessons frequently to value-add and provide inspiration!
Also, not forgetting the complimentary printables for all Friends of Koodoughs!